Aisling Larkin Mindful Eating

Aisling Larkin Mindful Eating

Posted By Annie Claffey |20 Jan 2022

Aisling Larkin (MB-Eat, M.Sc, B.Ed ) is a top mindful eating coach, wellness advocate, founder of and resident TV chef on the Six O’Clock Show. 

Aisling believes that delicious food can be created using simple techniques and foods full of delicious umami and clever flavour combinations. 

A key belief of Aisling’s is that in order to bring back the joy of food to our lives we need to relearn the art and science of eating. Her approach is based in the psychology of behaviour change and the physiology of sensory eating and appetite along with mindful eating tenants rooted in the ancient wisdoms of Buddhist philosophy. 

As one of only a handful of people in Europe trained in the MB-EAT programme some of Aisling’s core tenants of mindful eating include: no more restriction or deprivation but eating for satiety, tuning into our inner hunger cues and outer wisdoms, cooking with umami and how awareness, discernment and self nourishment can be the key to real sustainable change for our relationship with food. 

Aisling is excited to teach you some of the key skills from her 10 step mindful eating framework along allowing you to change your mindset to change your behaviour. 


By Aisling Larkin
Mindful Eating Coach