Posted By Annie Claffey |17 Jan 2022
How does it work?

Hypnotherapy utilises the power of positive suggestion to bring about 
subconscious change to our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. The process 
relaxes the conscious part of the mind while focusing the subconscious mind. 
Using skilled relaxation techniques, a heightened state of awareness is 
experience where a focussed intervention can be introduced allowing clients 
to regain control over their own thought processes. 
What are the benefits?
Hypnotherapy can create a deep state of relaxation, can address and explore 
painful or challenging experiences and feelings and can change habits or 

What can it treat?

Hypnotherapy can help with:
• Phobias, fears, and anxiety.
• Weight Management.
• Insomnia.
• Stress.
• Anxiety.
• Depression.
• Stress.
• Post-trauma anxiety.
• Grief and loss.
• Smoking Cessation.
• Self-Esteem.
• Confidence.

How will I feel after my treatment?

Relaxation happens on a physical and mental level. It is common to feel 
stronger, clearer and lighter, as the client retains a conscious memory of how 
deep relaxation. 

How does hypnotherapy work scientifically?

Irving Kirsch, of Harvard Medical School, says many studies show 
hypnotherapy is proven to benefit conditions like obesity, pain management, 
labour and delivery pain, anxiety and stress, by acting on multiple brain 
regions, like pain perception and regulation.