How to identify your mindset

How to identify your mindset

Posted By Annie Claffey |11 Jan 2022

Do you overthink things?

Find yourself anxious and overwhelmed at times?

Or do you feel life is monotonous?

Did you know these are all signs of an unhealthy mindset?Your mindset can be that you’re an over thinker, frustrated, feeling stuck in life, feeling you’re not enough, anxious. But it can also be our place of strength, motivation and happiness. 

There are two types of mindset, a growth mindset and a fixed mindset.

A Fixed Mindset: A thinking that believes your skills and talents are a fixed trait and you settle for what comes your way. You feel success is achieved by being safe and secure, and not taking chances. You feel you are not enough, you compare a lot to others.
A Growth Mindset: A mindset and thinking that says challenges are not bad, learning is good, and a self-belief that you will be successful. You like feedback, you love to grow and learn. You believe you can have a fulfilled life and feel generally happy.

So how do you identify your mindset and make it  stronger, better, healthier?The first step is to identify how you are limiting yourself. How often do negative thinking patterns like “I’m not enough” pop up for you? Get writing these down and why you feel like this.Self-awareness is just the beginning. I’ll be teaching all about how to achieve this and reach your full potential in life at The Harvest. I cannot wait to meet you.

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By Mark Fennell, Life Coach