Colm and Eamonn Brady Fitness

Colm and Eamonn Brady Fitness

Posted By Annie Claffey |04 Jan 2022

Colm and Eamonn Brady are from the Royal county of Meath, born and bred in Navan. Their journey has taken us down the ever evolving path of health and wellness and we are blessed to have found our joy in our exploration of both our physical and Mental wellbeing.


I qualified from Waterford RTC in 1990, then the only Sport & leisure course in the country. Thankfully today there’s a diverse range of health and wellness world options available. Indeed, there is something for everyone with courses catering for every aspect of your physical and mental wellbeing. I look forward to sharing our relaxing yoga practice with you at the harvest. I’m really looking forward to deep diving into what promises to be a truly immersive experience.


We grew up in a household with a naturopathic outlook, so health was very much at the forefront of our upbringing, that probably led to my passion for fitness. I love all forms of Resistance based movement, whether its strength and conditioning, HIIT, bodyweight training or mobility. As a trainer there is no better feeling than seeing a participant flourish and begin to realise their own potential. It's incredibly motivating and what keeps me doing what I do.