Conscious Evolution Coaching CEC

Conscious Evolution Coaching CEC

Posted By Annie Claffey |13 Oct 2021

CEC brings together Law of Attraction (LOA) principles with stress/emotional release techniques, to help people overcome life challenges, to release stress and relieve emotional suffering,  for a truly fulfilling life.  

Engaging in CEC, you become aware of internal thought patterns and emotions that are perpetuating negative experiences and blocking positive ones. Releasing these patterns allows you to feel lighter, freeing you from emotional burdens and encouraging a more positive outlook. This internal shift then facilitates a positive change in your outer world.

CEC helps you navigate your thoughts and emotions, to recognise and release stress, identifying where you’re stuck and finding a more positive direction.

CEC is ideal if you’re suffering mentally or emotionally, if you’re feeling stuck in negative relationships, jobs or habits. It can help you achieve positive change, even where you’ve tried before and failed.

Clients often describe a deep sense of peace and relaxation, a clearer outlook, and a more positive perspective. Many notice changes in their lives that just seem to work out in a positive way.

Conscious Evolution Coaching was developed by Des Richmond and combines many different approaches, such as The Law of attraction, Somatic Experiencing therapy, Awareness practices, mindfulness, Kinesiology and more.