Posted By Annie Claffey |13 Oct 2021

Kinesiology brings together several proven techniques in one modality – nutrition; emotional release techniques; acupressure; bio-chemical investigation; osteopathy; and Neuro Vascular & Lymphatic reflex point stimulation.

It uses gentle muscle testing to glean “bio feedback” information about your physical health.  By applying a little pressure, the practitioner might gently test a muscle to asses its strength. A weak test indicates it’s not functioning optimally.  Treatment options are then introduced: nutrition, reflex point massage, acupuncture points, and others. When the appropriate treatment is applied, the muscle tests as strong and wellbeing is beginning to be restored.   

Benefits of Kinesiology include: Reduced stress, pain relief, improved sleep, improved energy levels, improved digestion, and even resolve of chronic health issues.

Kinesiology can treat: sleep disorders, stress, emotional suffering, skin issues, digestive problems, headaches/migraines, fatigue, low energy and more.

Clients often describe feeling relaxed, ‘lighter’, more energetic, improved sleep patterns, reduction in chronic pain, improved mobility, easier digestion, and a more positive self-image.

Kinesiology was developed by a chiropractor in the 1960s and has developed extensively since. 

A core treatment protocol is the use of Neuro Vascular and Neuro Lymphatic reflex points, both scientifically proven to stimulate blood and lymph flow to specific organs and glands and to aid repair and recovery.