Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating

Posted By Annie Claffey |15 Oct 2021

Mindful Eating is simply about bringing a non-judgemental awareness and a curiosity to the present moment of eating. It is about being present, fully present when you engage in the act of eating. 

For most of us we love to eat, food is so much more than just fuel. Food is entangled in a myriad of emotions for most. We use food as a tool to help us escape, numb pain, distract, comfort, soothe, evoke memories and for sensory satisfaction…. And that’s ok! 

When it becomes an issue is when we overeat, binge eat or mindless graze and we are not in tune with our inner intuition and our instincts. 

To begin to eat mindfully and intuitively you take a breath. One deep solemn breath, pause, create a little quiet and space in your busy mind and allow yourself to hear and feel what your body is telling you. 

Take control by bringing an awareness to your hunger and fullness levels and then proceed to stop and reflect on what might be triggering to eat in that moment if hunger is not the motivation. 


By Aisling Larkin 

Mindful Eating Coach