The Connemara Coast Agenda

The Connemara Coast Agenda

Posted By Amy Admin |03 Nov 2021
After check-in you’ll find your way to your room where there are treats in store: a Goody Bag full of self care items just for you and The Harvest Wellness Pack containing your yoga mat, water bottle, journal and pen. Then, once you’re settled in it’s time to begin.

At The Harvest we believe in hitting the ground running, so as to make the most of the gathering. On our first day we’ll be identifying our intentions and aspirations. This is as the first step to attaining your goals. 

4.00pm: Warm up with The Brady Brothers!
A fifteen minute warm up with Colm and Eamonn Brady, two of Ireland’s Complete Body Fitness instructors focusing on harmony between mind and body.

4.15pm: Welcome Address from Annie Claffey
Annie Claffey, developed the concept of The Harvest following her own experiences of balancing work and family life. Here Annie will talk about. The exciting days ahead, some inspirational thoughts and some practical tips.

Siobhan Murray on ‘How to feel great’ 
Feeling great isn’t just about ‘now’ it’s about feeling great all the time. Siobhan’s experience helping people recover from ‘burnout’ will help you to determine what areas of wellbeing you need to focus on over the weekend.
5.15pm: Josef Steiner - aka The Breath Coach
Josef takes us through a guided Meditation to help you start The Harvest relaxed, and to help you tap into what you want from The Harvest gathering… and for your future.

6.00pm: Yoga
The Brady Brothers, Colm and Eamonn, provide a 30 minute programme of simple but effective Yoga, stretching and movement.

Refreshed and ready to go? Breathe in that fresh Atlantic air and you’re ready to go. Today we’ll be focusing on tangible advice and effective therapies that will help you live a more vibrant, energetic and fulfilling life.

7.30, 8.15 and 9.00am: Wake Up With The Brady’s Greatest HIITs
Some people are early risers, some aren’t, so we’ve organised three wake up sessions with Colm and Eamonn Brady whose 30 minute invigorating High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will get the blood flowing to your brain ready for a full day of activity, information and relaxation.

Breakfast and Relaxation Time

11.30am: Move your body & Annies Update
Colm and Eamonn Brady take us through five minutes of moves and manoeuvres to prepare us for the upcoming sessions.  Annie Claffey also welcomes you to the new day with an outline of what’s in store during the day ahead.

11.40am: Gratitude Meditation
Josef Steiner guides us through a Gratitude Meditation, a technique for maintaining positive thinking by focusing on what’s going right rather than your challenges.

11.55am: How to end your Self-sabotage
You’d be surprised how often we stand in our own way.  Lorraine Lynch talk ‘Mindset’ – what is Mindset? And how you can reset your Mindset? 

1.00pm: Lunch
You have 1 ½ hours to relax before the next session – time for lunch either in the hotel or a nearby hostelry. We’ve left you enough time for a stroll or a bit of a lie-down too.

2.30pm: Mindful Eating
Aisling Larkin shows that the key eating well isn’t starving yourself with boring food. It’s about listening to your body, honouring your instincts and taking the time to enjoy what you eat. 

3.15pm: Move your body 
Another five minutes of moves and manoeuvres with Colm and Eamonn Brady.

3.20pm: Mood and Food
Aisling O’Kelly of AOK Nutrition helps us to identify the nutrition and food that helps better our mood.

4.00pm: Finding Your Sleep Routine
Whether it’s strange working hours, children or simply ‘not enough hours in the day’, we fall into negative sleep routines. Anne Marie Boyhan helps you to identify a sleep regimen that works best for you.

4.30pm: Burn Baby Burn
For the last session of the day you can do a cardio session to burn off a few calories ahead of the Gala dinner! Just as importantly, cardio exercise helps cleanse the system and releases natural endorphins – or feelgood hormones – into the blood stream.

5.00pm: Evening and Relaxation Time
A couple of hours of free time to take a stroll, have a rest, enjoy a chat before getting ready for the night’s festivities.

7.00pm: The Harvest Gala Dinner, with host Keith Walsh
  • Music and mixes with resident DJs Mac and Tom
  • Grand Prize Draw
  • The Harvest Banquet – where Delicious and Healthy Meet!
  • The first ever tasting Non-alcoholic wines, beers and mocktails

This is where we talk about reaping what you sow. Where does the learning, the new focus and your new wellbeing toolbox take you?

7.30 & 8.15am: Sunday Morning Yoga
Colm and Eamonn Brady help you to ease your way into the day with a calming, relaxing, uplifting series of yoga exercises.

Breakfast and Relaxation Time

11.00am: Move your Body & Welcome to Tomorrow!
Colm and Eamonn Brady take us through five minutes of moves and manoeuvres to prepare us for the day.  Annie Claffey then lays out the plans for the rest of the day and gives an insight into what the future holds for The Harvest.

11.20am: Manifesting Meditation 

Josef Steiner guides us through another medication technique. This time, he uses meditation techniques to help us focus on what we want out of life.

11.35am: Creating your Visionboard
Mark Fennel shows how creating a vision board will help you chart your way to a happier, healthier life. These are things people do in business plans and strategies but they work for people too!

12.00pm: Closing Ceremony 

Additonal Therapies

The Harvest Gatherings are a balance of talks, guided sessions and relaxation. Throughout the course of the weekend there will be plenty of breaks, during which our holistic therapists will be offering a variety of treatments, including: Craniosacral therapy, Reiki and Indian head massage, Acupuncture, Hypnosis, kinesiology and more.
You can also sign up to do ‘The Wim Hof Method’ with Josef Steiner, who is a qualified WHM instructor. Enjoy the energy of a Wim Hof breathing session and ice bath, followed by a thaw out in the Jacuzzi …. all while looking out over the majesty of Galway Bay.  
Or you can go for a sea swim, walk the beach, chat with friends, have a nap, do some journaling. The important thing is that you listen to your body and mind. See where it takes you and do what makes you feel the best!

Throughout the three days you’ll have the use of the hotels superb facilities, including outdoor jacuzzi looking out onto Galway Bay, fully equipped leisure centre and swimming pool. For the hardier souls, there’s the option of a bracing swim in the ocean, which is just down the road.
Tickets include accommodation, Gala Dinner and the sessions included on the schedule.
To book your ticket or add a Holistic Therapies to your package, click here.